Makers Lab builds + supports LGBTQ communities by creating zero proof experiences that celebrate life, art + LGBTQ culture. We are a collective of creatives, catalysts, storytellers + curators.

After a two and a half year hiatus, Makers Lab is back! We are kicking things off with BLACK IN SPACE this May. We also have plans for this summer and beyond.

Design by Tai Ink

Makers Lab in collaboration with Patience SingsJaywalking Productions, The Curatress and The Haux Hive are proud to host, BLACK IN SPACE: A VIRTUAL BLACK PRIDE EXPERIENCE, a five day virtual series of experiences that celebrate the diversity and resilience of Black LGBTQ+ communities.


  • Celebrate the complexity and richness of the Black LGBTQ+ experience through art and social engagement at the intersection of technology.

  • Connect Black LGBTQ+ and allied movements across space and time while building a platform that is intergenerational that transcends locations. 

  • Support Black LGBTQ+ creatives impacted by COVID-19.


  • Community: Honor the polylithic experiences of Black LGBTQ+ folx.

  • Connection: Cultivate relationships between Black LGBTQ+ creatives, artists, and audiences.

  • Collaboration: Nurture relationships between artists across mediums.


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